Culture + COmmunity

Over the last decade, a generation of artists, musicians, foodies, farmers and other culture creators have built grassroots communities across the region, making Spokane a beautiful, fascinating place to live: 

  • Spark Central | An organization focused on providing innovative and accessible arts education and resources to underserved children and adults, including Girls Rock Lab, a camp that mixes power ballads with empowerment Read the story.

  • Bellwether Brewing | Brewpub helping people rediscover long-forgotten styles of brewing and a long-overlooked neighborhood in North Spokane. Read the Q&A.

  • Terrain | A grassroots organization that has grown from a scrappy one-night-only event to a cultural institution that consistently draws thousands of people to its exhibitions, art markets and more. Read the story.

As word of Spokane's transformation spreads, people are finding their way to Spokane from all over the US and from as far away as Australia


  • The Grain Shed | A chef from Houston with a vision for creating the best bread in the world looked all across the west, finding in Spokane a mix of community and agricultural practices unlike any he'd found anywhere else. Read the story.

  • Ishi Jewelry | After moving to the US from Australia, Tara Lawson tried the spectrum of Northwest living, from being "packed in with roommates" in a Seattle apartment to living in a remote mountain cabin, ultimately finding the right mix of culture, community and value in Spokane. Read the Q&A.

These stories of ambition and opportunity — to not just make art, but build community — is mirrored across all sectors from innovative partnerships between business and local universities to city leaders' plans to holistically connect and reinvigorate our neighborhoods.